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  • How much money are you looking for?

  • Any benchmark in the area that is being rented and for how much?

    Amēa Villas don’t really use a local benchmark and it will be hard, if not impossible, to compare it to any other development. The rental costs and event prices are set by our hotel management company/advisor, which has its main focus on luxury hospitality. The fees are rather on the conservative side (around 1/3 of what comparable luxury chalets cost in Switzerland, e.g.

  • Who is behind Amēa Villas?

    Amea Lago Maggiore Property AG is planning to develop a property together with SAOTA and Studio Forma (Architect of Record). Amēa is a brand incubated by Moonshot in collaboration with SAOTA. The president of the board of directors of Amea Lago Maggiore Property AG is Jean Popovic who later will be supported by operational team members such as Alejandra Abad (Director Business Development & Investor relations) and various real estate, and hospitality specialists.

  • How much tax do I have to pay on the returns generated from the investment?

    Due to the modern structure of the SPV profits are not subject to withholding until the total amount of the capital contribution is repaid. It’s also called a “Tax-free dividend”.

  • Does the company have experience with such projects?

    SAOTA, the architectural partner and designer has built hundreds of projects around the globe. It’s the most well-known brand for high-end luxury developments worldwide. A private residence in the same village has already been created by SAOTA. The executing architect comes from Ticino.

  • Where is the exact location of the property?

  • What happens if the money is not raised?

    There is no definitive answer to this question. If we can’t meet our funding goals, we are contractually allowed to cut the project in half and realize a smaller project on the same plot. The costs for access and garage development will then be split in half with the seller. In the unlikely event, the project fails completely the company will be liquidated or sold to a developer and the proceeds repaid to the shareholders and debt holders.

  • What security do I have as an investor?

    A unique architectural masterpiece in one of the last plots at one of the most breathtaking locations with high potential for value increase after its development. A one-of-a-kind piece of Swiss real estate.

  • Can I invest via a company?

    Yes, you can invest both as an individual investor or through a limited liability company.

  • Can a foreigner invest?

    Please note that these investment opportunities are only addressed to investors who do not qualify as a foreign person in the sense of the Federal Act on the Acquisition of Real Estate by persons abroad (“Lex Koller”), hence is only addressed to Swiss nationals resident in Switzerland or abroad, and to EU/EFTA nationals with domicile in Switzerland.

  • How are the per night prices calculated?

    The sales prices have been calculated by our hospitality partner. The calculations are based on profound market knowledge in the UHNWI-segment as well as on market research on comparable properties. Comparable offerings can be found on websites like

  • How can I sell my shares?

    Should an investor require earlier liquidity, he can express interest to sell his securities to other investors within the Moonshot Circle. Visit Moonshot’s website for further information.

    In such case the investor’s interest to sell will be notified to other investors from the Moonshot Circle on a bulletin board on the Moonshot platform, either within the frame of purchase rights under a common shareholders agreement or otherwise pursuant to the applicable terms.

    However, liquidity is not provided or guaranteed; matching between seller and purchaser and the actual sale and purchase transaction are made between seller and purchaser directly without the involvement of Moonshot or the company investing in the respective company.

  • What is the average investment size so far?

    CHF 250’000

  • What major risks are involved?

    The risk that we face at the moment is that we do not raise sufficient money to realize this beautiful project. Once the villa is in operation we face the risk that we don’t have enough paying guests staying at the villa. Before deciding on an investment, read the risk warnings carefully, or in case of doubt, consult a trusted financial expert. Please note, historical or projected performance information is not a reliable indicator for future earnings or losses. As for every investment, also real estate investments can include (complete) loss of the invested capital. Please note, historical or projected performance information is not a reliable indicator for future earnings or losses. No investment advice: The mentioned explanations are neither investment advice nor a recommendation to buy or sell any financial instruments. In case the transaction of the acquisition target cannot be completed, the company is entitled to acquire and finance a similar property.

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