Italy made in Switzerland

Invest in one of Switzerland’s finest real estate projects.

Participate in developing a legendary villa retreat with boutique apartments located in one of the most scenic destinations in the world, starting from only CHF 25’000 while realizing attractive returns.

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Unique architecture and design

The newly established Swiss luxury brand Amēa is developing an exclusive villa retreat nestled in the world’s most breathtaking location overlooking Lago Maggiore.

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A Strong business case

Invest in a one-of-a-kind development offering the highest levels of privacy and exclusivity.

The development is located in Ronco sopra Ascona, Switzerland, offering one of the most breathtaking sceneries, the highest security standards, and the finest quality benchmarks in the world.

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Additional Investor PRIVILEGES

Timesharing reimagined

During low season, investors can stay free of charge with their friends and family or host private events at one of the world’s most exclusive projects. During high season, the retreat is available for tourists and event organizers to generate cost-effective returns while investors can book and enjoy their stay at preferred and discounted rates.

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Be ahead of the game

The post-pandemic world is a more local one. Benefit from a customer base with one of the highest purchasing powers in the world – The Swiss. Amēa was born and raised in Switzerland but addresses the world. The first project is located on the Swiss side of Lago Maggiore in Ronco sopra Ascona.

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Finally, a service model as flexible as your budget

Amēa is all about tech-enabled, exponential luxury. Guests can start small with daily rental as a base and top up their experience with handpicked services on demand. Flexible, lean, and profitable for both; investors and guests.

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360-degree sustainability

New thoughtful luxury, a unique vision.

We make vacation properties sustainable and affordable: the vacation destinations we love so much shouldn’t suffer from construction booms and empty beds at the same time. Luxury and sustainability are not contradictory: year-round use of the property benefits not only the environment but also local economies.

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Enough of the isolation, let’s have mezcalitas

Become a part of a global network of likeminded people, investors, entrepreneurs and people that enjoy la dolce vita! Participate in exclusive, members-only events.

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Rethink your vacation

Enjoy the benefits of a glamorous villa with boutique apartments in some of the most scenic holiday destinations in the world, starting from CHF 25’000 per ownership stake.

Our vision goes further: We already want the future guests onboard during the development and make them part of the entire value chain. Discover an unparalleled project and join a community of like-minded and inspired souls.

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Our journey started in 2020 and attracted over 2’000 interested individuals, potential investors, and partners. For the first time, you can invest in one of the world’s most remarkable projects and earn the developer margin. This means you will benefit from the entire value creation cycle with an investment starting at only CHF 25’000.

Based on the capitalization of the expected future value of the project once realized, Amēa equity investors will enjoy a steady price appreciation every year until the project commences to be operative and has reached its expected operational valuation.

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