Why partner with Amēa?

Provide your clients with an investment they will admire.

  • Amēa is reinventing timesharing and combines an unaccessible asset class with a ground-braking approach.
  • Our structures are lean and management fees are kept at a minimum.
  • We are a tech-enabled developer focusing on exponential luxury hospitality.
  • Seasoned Deal Team, Data-Driven Due Diligence: We monitor our target markets over years to find the best time to close a deal. Amēa is more than just luxury, it’s also a solid real estate company developing opportunities with high value-increase potential.

Amēa partners with selected financial advisors and planners, wealth managers, and family offices and offers a lucrative and proven commission and reward system. For us this means we pay a one-off referral fee as well as a portfolio fee to ensure fruitful and long-lasting investor relationships.

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