Explore the captivating allure of Mykonos

Join our private villa event on 30 September on Mykonos, Greece.

Amēa Villas, we believe in harmony, not just for ourselves but for the communities that surround us. Our vision goes beyond profit; it fosters a better economic environment for the local community.

On Mykonos, we celebrate new, thoughtful luxury. We invite you to connect and experience our concept and announcement of our future co-development and partnership strategy that will propel Amēa to new heights.

The limited-access event series on Mykonos promises to be a game-changer, focusing on innovation, growth, and transformation.

We aspire to create something truly meaningful: A platform to foster connection and self-growth amongst our community of like-minded investors, talented entrepreneurs, innovative thinkers, and dear friends.

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29 September 2023, Core group only, 7 pm – FULLY BOOKED

Friday evening: Mindful Investing, Exclusive Dinner, Cocktails from our Mixologist

Indulge in an intimate and exclusive seated dinner, with only a limited core group receiving confirmed invitations.

During the dinner, prepare to be inspired by a profound speech focused on mindfulness, self-care, and the significance of mental health in the realm of investing.

Following the dinner, savor deliciously crafted poolside cocktails as you unwind and engage in meaningful conversations.

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30 September 2023, all day or 7 pm

Saturday: Boat Adventure & Poolside Extravaganza

A thrilling speed boat trip awaits the core group, granting them a unique opportunity to bond and explore together.

Later, as the sun sets, join the poolside party together with additional members of our community, commencing at 7:00 pm. Feast on delectable bites inspired by Mykonos, accompanied by expertly crafted mixologist cocktails.

Engage in an insightful poolside discussion centered around the future of recreational hospitality and real estate developments. As the night progresses, the excitement builds for an exclusive party at a secret location featuring renowned DJs and offering the perfect ambiance for networking among a global community of like-minded investors, innovative thinkers, entrepreneurs, and scientists.

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01 October 2023, Core group only – FULLY BOOKED

Sunday: Core Group Brunch & Wellness Retreat

Prepare for a revitalizing day, exclusively reserved for the core group. Kickstart the morning with a delightful brunch, followed by wellness and spa sessions designed to rejuvenate the mind and body.

Conclude the event with breathing and yoga therapy, leaving you refreshed, inspired, and connected.

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We don’t build hotels; we craft homes – sanctuaries that resonate with your soul. Amēa believes that every moment of your stay should nourish your spirit and provide an enchanting escape from the daily hustle.

Our event is hosted at a unique property

Soho Roc House

Looking for options to stay?

The core group enjoys a fully catered stay at one of the private villas. Soho Roc House might be the right pick if you join us on Saturday.

We have partnered with Soho House to offer our members preferred access at membership rates. Once you have registered, we will contact you with additional options.

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Airport transfer

Arrive in style. We offer free airport transfer from the venue and back.

Are you looking for a personal chauffeur or private aviation? Amēa is well-equipped to serve the most discerning guests. We will reach out to you once you have registered for the event.

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Questions? I am happy to assist you in planning your trip to Mykonos.

Experience the mindful, inspiring, and spiritual journey that Amēa offers. Elevate your soul, while positively impacting the lives of others. Welcome to a world where luxury becomes a catalyst for change.

Kinga Egyud
Chief Community Officer

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